Wednesday, December 1, 2010

social security

     Social security, medicare are a big issue for the federal dept.
It cost us $1.5 Trillion a year.  While the baby boom generation was working, the excess social security and Medicare money was used for other purposes. Now the baby boom is retiring and we don't have the money to pay for this. So to help fix this I propose the Social Security and Medicare age to be raised to 70 from 65. Although a 5 year difference doesn't sound like much It will give us 5 more years to help us save for this problem. Also when these laws were put in to place life expectancy was much lower, this would just be keeping the social security and medicare age up with life expectancy.


  1. You have to raise taxes and cut spending. That will cut the deficit and moreconsumer spending will skyrocket after the deficit is cut. One of the worst decisions Obama can make is to keep the current tax cuts because with the deficit we have now, there is no way we can pay the tax cuts off. That is one of the ways we got into this crisis- people spent more money than they had. In other words, giving people free money is NOT the way to cut the deficit. DONT RAISE TAXES!

  2. Also, we r spending ten million $ a month in Iraq. We should stay in Afghanistan because thats were the terrorists and the taliban are, so why r we still in Iraq when the first reason we went there isnt even applicable anymore (WMDs) in fact, that reason wasnt even applicable in 2003, when George Bush approved the surge.

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  3. I meant to say raise taxes.
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