Tuesday, February 8, 2011

protest in Egypt

     (made on 2/2/11) I have not had any posts about this important story until now for a few reasons. Reason 1: until recently the protests have been peaceful. Reason 2: Until recently I didn't think the president would leave office within the next year. Reason 3: Even when I realized the Egyptian president would not run for reelection, I had confidence that the military could help a peaceful, somewhat smooth transition to another government.
     However all three of my reasons for not posting about this crisis have been proven wrong. With the military unable to keep the protesters and the pro Mubarak citizens from fighting and with jounalist being attacked I have broken my silence. This is my take on what will happen. The situation will deteriorate as food and water shortages continue. The violence will continue. The situation will either start a civil war, or the army will crack down on anyone who continues fighting.

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